Chapter 6 – The Sincere Betrayal

He was poisoned slowly while they cut and crafted
A chasm was made away where he was casted
Three hundred trees were carefully planted
Mischievous were their roots and their trunks were slanted

His mind was scraped and thoughts distilled
They collected his words with passion and thrill
With deception thereof, all was rendered
A spurious tale then they tendered 

Yet the peaceful spirit, they could not break
The magnanimous heart, they could not take
With three hundred trees, on his back
He leapt forward, away through the gap

A fire was lit among the trees
Quickly it spread riding his spine
He held on to the ledge and let himself burn
But a part of himself he did not let turn

All the cruelties he managed to endure
When what he saved was taken away
To the edge he could not hold on anymore
Alas! During the fall all he could do was pray

Bright light split through the chasm
He felt her and yearned to gaze upon her
With a great cry he fell below however
In darkness he was silenced forever

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