Our Odyssey

I sat with you that day,
My long-time friend.
We drank to company in front of the sun,
That faded from blue to orange.
Giddy, we smiled and laughed that day.

We had chosen Yalu River to sit by,
As the speaker of day, its water wavered,
With rays of sunset that painted a shimmer.
Joyously, we counted the petals that sailed the current,
Happy, we drank and we drank that day.

As the light cooled, the drinks felt warmer,
Do you remember, my friend?
We lent against the city’s gate,
Whose stone did stand strong.
Oblivious, we had cried out and laughed that day.

Our eyes were averted from the reeds,
That sprouted from the riverbed,
They rustled, of course,
But only when we turned our head,
Where crouched amongst the grass it lay,

You had spotted then, or so you thought,
Something in those reeds – that did contort,
Some small bird, that could want our bread,
But as forward you crept, the animal leapt,
And with a cry you bled that day.

On a winter’s morning,, now I stand alone,
With bundles of disgruntled reeds,
Those that I plan to lay,
At the stone that represents your body,
And at the words that represent your life.

“Too curious, careless and kind.”