At World’s Edge – Chapter 7

Mahofon was much the same. This was what he had seen; a tower rotting in the centre to Tink Ravine. It was the beehive that drew from him an unending torrent of curiosity, however. There was something in the hollow nest hanging from the tree that drew everyone’s curiosity. They all stared at it, shifting from intrigue to fearfulness every few moments that passed. “Yumipon!” The magician hollered, “Aim at the beehive.” More moments passed – every second felt like a minute, and every minute an hour. At the resounding silence, he tried again, starring widely, desperately around the band for the archer. “Yumipon?”

A stammer was the only reply, as he drew his bow and slipped an arrow from is quiver. Yumipon drew a long, wavering breath to steady his nerves, his hands shaking almost violently. His trembling came to a close as he drew the steel tipped arrow down the taut string, and, with a twang of his weapon, the shot flew true. The beehive was struck, with the sound of low drum echoing off distant cliffs hidden by the darkness. It cracked and split into many miniscule pieces after contact, and from its centre immerged a blinding star. It shimmered, banishing the darkness in the surrounding area. Embers of bright white light showered the barren soil, emanating from the being that had been released. The band blinked at the sight; amazement was written on every face. “Dear Almighty,” one whispered, barely audible. “I thought I’d be locked up in that tower forever…” the star spoke. At this revelation, Cescar muttered “Gold Hoshipon!” and shortly collapsed, caught only by Dulkatra.

Mahofon recoiled with questioning fear; was this really the being that had forced his far sight to an abrupt, painful end? Surely not, for its golden rays penetrated the pooling dark, and there wasn’t an ounce of evil in this creature. Mahofon shouted up to the star, “Who blocked one from seeing this tower?.” “Ah, your far sight you are referencing, I presume. Well Mahofon, it definitely wouldn’t have been the likes of me; I want anything but to send you away. It must’ve been my captors forcing you.” Hoshipon sailed above the band as he spoke, several meters high. He remained just too bright to look at directly, and his light painted vast shadows across the landscape. The next question seemed only logical now. “Who were your captors?


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