Question the Tide

The sun settles itself beyond the horizon,

With a gathering mist clouding the ocean,

I stand like a figurehead at the dock’s edge.

I watch the ships I harbour with much devotion.

I turn my back to the sea ablur,

A great wave looms over my back.

In the darkest of nights, I am engulfed,

By a seething mass of black.

The sun tentatively peaks over the water’s surface,

On my back I lie, facing the sky blue,

My eyes are closed, but other senses heightened,

I feel how life is soon due.

God lies within the essence of living.

To that there is much I would say,

But no one will listen to a tale drenched in sorrow,

When the morning sunlight floods the pathway of today.

The jungle chatter is smothered by a thick canopy,

I gather the birds I spotted from a clearing to the sky,

Each is coloured and varied like a prayer. Over the world’s edge not many can fly.