About the Founder

Meet “The Pleasant Simple Guy”

Hassan Rauf

Founder – T.P.S.G

On the surface, Hassan Rauf is an accomplished civil engineer with vast experience in the field of concrete technology and construction. In addition to co-founding his own company, Hassan led and expanded it into a well-recognized manufacturer and supplier of concrete products all over Pakistan. He has managed over 30, small to medium projects and over 2 large projects since 2013. He also worked as a freelance consultant for projects involving concrete mix design, placing methodologies, and project-specific concrete requirements since 2017. With strong technical knowledge and progressive experience, he continues to successfully deliver projects and creates innovation in the world of concrete.

Hassan was born on 6th November 1990, in Pakistan and grew up in an upper-middle-class family by local standards. Throughout his years of education, he was well decorated academically. Despite living in a country with an unstable socio-political environment, Hassan developed into a well-qualified professional. This very same environment however triggered an inquisition within him from a very young age. He often came across situations and circumstances that one might not consider “normal”. Soon he began to notice and understand the systematically implemented devices in the local society, which in his opinion contributed adversely to both the personal growth of the people and the collective growth of the nation especially by stripping people of empathy and hindering self-development. It was not until Hassan went through a life-changing debacle triggered by one of these devices that he turned towards writing. He decided to dedicate himself to creating awareness in his generation and he chose the pen to do so.

Hassan describes his journey in the following words, “There are many horrors in this world, but I believe that there is nothing more dreadful than the human mind. There are numerous reasons for me to believe this, and it is because of all these reasons I write. Like concrete, which slowly gathers strength as it hardens and cures; I have become stronger through my experiences and life lessons as well. With all that I have learned, I remember who I was before it all happened. A pleasant simple guy. I have always felt that the written word is perhaps the most effective way of expression. The thought to start inspirational writing came after a life-changing debacle. I found writing to be cathartic and decided to start writing about self-love, loss, and recovery to give hope and provide emotional support to people who are or have gone through emotional difficulties in their lives. This gave me a purpose and soon I found myself writing handwritten poems, passages, and stories. From all this, I found that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword and the response to the handwritten poems and passages further motivated me to write a book about life lessons.”

In addition to T.P.S.G and The Rapport, Hassan is looking to get his debut novel “The Child in the Mirror” published soon.