It’s raining heavily
As I’m standing
Alone in the street.
Arms open wide
I try to catch
The drops falling
Onto me.
If only I could keep them
But they’re slipping
Out of my hands
They bring me comfort
But only for a moment.
Reminds me of you.
How you flooded all
Over me
But left when it got

Your Hands

Your hands
Have always known
The way around
My body.
The highs and lows
Where to press
And where to hold.
You studied every inch
Like I’m a hidden map
And you’re looking
For secret treasure.

All I Could Write

I could’ve written about
The stars shinning
And the moon hanging low that night.
The sea kissing the shore and
The warm wind softly moving
The hair from my face.
The trees swinging
In the calming melody.
Or the smell
Of salty sea that
Tickled my nose.
But all I could write
About that night
Was you and only you.
How your eyes pierced
Through my soul.
How your skin
Covered me like
The softest blanket
And your lips
Felt like mellow strawberries.
The smell of you
Got me drunk on your love.
We were high that night
And I think that even
The man on the moon
Was envious of our love.

First Morning

The sound
Of the first morning
With you.
Sheets rustling
Soft moans
While slowly
Waking up.
Starting the
New day
With you.
Never looked
More promising.
And I don’t want
To waste
Another minute