Join Our Team

We are always looking for a team of energetic, creative and passionate individuals to volunteer and help take T.P.S.G to the next level. Please go through the positions listed below, and send your CV’s at Make sure you write the position you want to apply for in the subject line of the email.

Front-end marketing and distribution Marketing, sales and distribution of publications (Mainly The Rapport at the moment) – Ideal candidate will help bring fresh ideas to the table to increase sales and reach.
Content managementPromoting submissions, receiving and organizing them, filtering and preparing them for editing – Ideal candidate will have sufficient command on both English and Urdu languages and marketing skills to drive number of submissions.
Sub-editors Urdu and English Editing, proofreading and compiling selected submissions for design – Ideal candidate will have sufficient command on both English and/or Urdu languages.
DesignerDesigning publications and liaising with printing department/personnel – Ideal candidate will have good command on coral-draw, photoshop and other designing tools.
Creative managerDesigning social media campaigns, posts, interactive sessions to drive engagement with writers and readers. General coordination and assisting the founder – Ideal candidate will have a keen sense of modern tools and must bring new creative ideas and help implement them.
All positions are part-time. Those living in Lahore will be preferred. Monetary compensation may not be available immediately and volunteers will be preferred, however, performance based monetary bonuses will be provided.