My Journey

“How does one find oneself?” I asked. “To know who you really are, and to become who you were destined to be, you need to go through an experience that breaks you completely. Only when you get the chance to put your pieces together; you get to truly know yourself.” With a smile he added, “Let the adversities light your path to self discovery”

I have become a rather profound human. A human, who has experienced a great ordeal which has moulded him into a form which is impossible to describe. There are many horrors in this world, but I believe that there is nothing more dreadful than the human mind. There are many reasons for me to believe this, and it is because of all these reasons I write. Like concrete, which slowly gathers strength as it hardens and cures; I have become stronger through my experiences and life lessons aswell. With all that I have learnt, I remember who I was before it all happened. A pleasant simple guy.

I have always felt that the written word is perhaps the most effective way of expression. The thought to start inspirational writing came after a life changing debacle. I found writing to be cathartic and decided to start writing about self-love, loss and recovery with the purpose of giving hope and providing emotional support to people who are or have gone through emotional difficulties in their lives. This gave me a purpose and soon I found myself writing handwritten poems, passages and stories. From all this, I found that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword and the response to the handwritten poems and passages further motivated me to write a book about life lessons, which will be out sometime soon.

I believe that the most difficult impediment in life is the lack of empathy shown by those around us. The content I make aims to raise awareness and create empathy in our generation. There is a pleasant simple person is all of us – I hope.