Poetry and Passages

Hand written words to inspire, heal, support and motivate you.

Written by Hassan Rauf – Founder of T . P . S . G

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A beautiful collection of poems written by Dylan Lewis, a friend and a writer whose prodigious company I hope to enjoy someday.

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Poems written by Alyssa Archambault – A poet who relates to the modern world

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A collection of poems by Elizabeth Marchetti who is an Italian-Indonesian writer, poet, and sometimes-DJ, based in Berlin.

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Poems by Ambica Gossain, a strong human being and a published writer.

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Poetry by Mateja Kosec, a small town girl who feels what she writes, loves what she feels and writes what she loves.

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مناہل فیاض کے خیالات کاغذ پہ

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A glimpse of passion, through Erica Varela’s poetry. Erica is a published writer and you can get her books through her platform below.

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Poetry by Farah Zainab Naqvi

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