Pre-order upcoming book: The Child in the Mirror by Hassan Rauf

Hi all,

Thank you for your constant support for T.P.S.G and its publications.

My upcoming book is finally ready to be launched soon and I have partnered with Publishizer and a few international presses to help make T.P.S.G a traditional publishing house in Pakistan.

  • T.P.S.G already has 6 successful publications of The Rapport with the submissions for the 7th issue opening on 25th of April.
  • The literary website has collections from around the world – more underway.
  • T.P.S.G is planning to start publishing books by Q4 2021 (hopefully) and I intend to lead the way as the founder with “The Child in the Mirror” and later with “The Journal”
  • We are trying to keep this platform free and accessible for writers and we support ourselves solely from sales of The Rapport (and in future other books hopefully)

Please support this platform and my efforts by subscribing and if possible “pre-ordering” my book HERE

To show support, you can also order the celebration bundle for The Rapport

Best Regards

Hassan Rauf
Founder – T.P.S.G