The Lost Blessing

What is loss ? What is it like losing a part of yourself? Never having the chance to experience what one would consider a blessing above all other blessings ? So close to the very blessing, yet infinitely far away from it? This is a story about a father, who never met his daughter . . . who was forced to turn away. This is being written with pain and tears in hopes that someday the daughter will read this and understand.

Men are always expected to be emotionally strong. They are expected to bear everything while still functioning like normal human beings. Life unfolds and things that are never expected to happen, happen . . . Things that leave a person hollow forever, and nothing can fix it. No amount of worldly gain can heal the wound that is made when a parent is unable to be with their child.

This is a story about a father’s journey through the never ending lands of agony. A father who has to travel through these lands for the rest of his life, yet may never reach his destination.

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